How to claim 50 Community Verified Projects

Henry Roosevelt
2 min readAug 3


Hey there! Today, we’ll walk through how to claim the badge for the 50th voting on CEG Metis. It’s a remarkable milestone and a step closer to an all-encompassing ecosystem! Exciting times lie ahead!

Just like you, I’ve participated in every voting, and I’ll be happy to assist you and guide you on how to claim the anniversary badge on Nuvo. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Check Metis on your wallet

Check your Metis tokens balance on your Metamask wallet or Nuvo account. Because it’s needed to pay gas fee to claim the badge

Step 2: Log in to Nuvo

Open this link

Click “Connect Wallet”, then select the authorization method. I prefer Metamask

Step 3: Claim it

Go to claim page

Scroll down and click to “Claim” and confirm it claim Metamask

Click Confirm and congratulation, badge claimed!

Where I could check claimed badge? follow the link



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