Matrix Guide: How to Create Badge

Issue Unique Soul Bound NFT by your DApp

Henry Roosevelt
5 min readOct 27, 2022


🙌 Hello Folks! In this article, we will take a step-by-step look at how to create Matrix NFT Badge to reward the activity in your decentralized application.

☀️ Using RP badges, you can reward soul-bound tokens to all members of your ecosystem to identify activities. This can be a kind of achievement like in games, where any user of the platform can open other profiles and find out which game this account like the most and what account has achieved in it. Perhaps you do more quests, or for example, you completed 50 quests a day. In the crypto space you can reward clients, for the first trade or for 100 trades, and issue an NFT Badge: Noob Swapper, Gold Swapper, etc.

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How to issue an NFT Badge?

Register an account in the Metis Middleware layer. You need to use Polis Wallet (first in the list).

Request the developers' rights

After registration, you need to get developer access. Go to the Profile Setting section and click on Request For Developer Access

Note: to push the status, text about the request to the chat with Metis Team, and the request will proceed asap.

Next, Create Dapp in a few clicks

Fill in all details Dapp, App name, email, logo, etc.

Click Save, and it's Done! 👌

You can check your project in Application > Credentials

Create NFT Badge

Click to Deploy NFT, fill in the details: NFT Contract Name, NFT Name, and Pick the Dapp. Attention! Be sure that you pick the correct Start Date and Expiry Date, this setting managing only once (at the moment of publishing this article).

Tick in the first field of badge, and enter the RP of your future badge. Upload the picture, you can scale the badge image with the touchpad or mouse wheel. Internal Note is optional.

Check the name of the badge, and be sure that all information and correct. Some of the details you can’t change after Mint. Click Mint

Open the NFT Badge section to check the badge. Waiting a few minutes if you have nothing there. 🌈 Let’s update Profile and Badge Info! ✨

Click Update Profile and fill in all 😝

This information is for the main page of your badge issue account, where will be placed all NFT badges.

Don’t forget to click Save when you have done 🥹

Note: You can upload a banner with a higher resolution. The 960 * 180px recommended.

To update the badge information click Run Promotion, this information will be displayed on the badge page.

Once you have completed the setup and filled in all the information, go back to NFT Badge and click on Matrix Station to continue the issue of your Badge.

Matrix Station: Back Office

Matrix Station using for the issue of the badge that you minted in Polis. Click Connect wallet, and connect the same wallet to Matrix Station

Here you can check the status of all your badges. To issue the badge that you minted in Polis click on Issue new NFT Badge

Click on the NFT Badge to open the Drop-down list. Click on the name of the minted NFT, fill in the description and pick the Distribution Method

Distribution Methods Explained

  1. Redemption Code: The issue of unique text codes that can be used to mint one NFT. Issued once in a given quantity.

2. QR-Code: the release of unique QR codes that you can scan from your device and get a unique link where you can mint one NFT. Issued once in a given quantity.

Note: Be careful and plan ahead for the amount you want to stock

3. White List: Based on the attached .txt document or manually entering addresses, added users can mint NFT.

If you add addresses as a list, make sure that there are no smart contract addresses among the addresses. The order and appearance of the list should follow the example below. No extra spaces, addresses must follow the list

If everything is OK, click Confirm, then click Accept.

If you issued using the Redemption code or QR code method, download the provided documents. These documents contain codes. Don’t lose them and pass them on with care.

Congratulation! You issued your NFT Badge!



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