Matrix Guide: How to Claim NFT Badge Using Redemption Code

Henry Roosevelt
3 min readOct 30, 2022


Hello Folks! In this article I explain you how to claim NFT Badge with Reputation Power using Redemption Code.

1 Step: Connect Wallet

Be sure that Network in your Metamask connected to Metis Andromeda. Connect Metis Andromeda on or use next settings to connect in manually

Name: Andromeda

Chain ID: 1088

Currency Symbol: Metis

Block Explorer:

And check your wallet balance. You can get Metis L2 on or

2 Step: Mint Social NFT

Click the Owl in Menu and Enter your name, eg. Bob, Alisa, or Awesome24_10 😅

Be sure that you have some Metis coins to pay the gas fee.

3 Step: Navigate to Badge

Explore all badges or open link with badge that redemption code you have. Redemption code using only for a specific badge, not for any badge. So you should understand what badge you can claim using your redemption code, or open link that provided to you with redemption code.

Each code can only grant access to one claim of a particular badge.

In this case I know that I legit to claim Farmer Badge, and I go to claim it

  • Move to Explore Page
  • Click to the badge that you can claim to Open badge page

4 Step: Claim

  • Open Campaign Page / Claim Interface
  • Connect Wallet
  • Scroll down to enter code field. Enter the code, Click Claim and Confirm transaction

Congratulation! Badge Claimed!



Henry Roosevelt

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